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From fishing ancestors to award-winning restaurateurs, we take pride in serving the local community quality fish and chips, it’s in our DNA.

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fishers since 1920

A great family tradition started with my great-great-grandfather starting out in Iceland working on the trawlers. My grandfather was a chief mechanic on the trawlers for local fishing firms at Fleetwood docks, and helped design the Kirkella boat in the 1970s - the only British freezer trawler.

My father followed suit and successfully developed his own company delivering fresh local fish to businesses around the country in 1974. I’m Chris Richardson and for as long as I remember, I’ve been involved in the industry. I would often finish school and head over to the docks or the market.

In 2000, I saw an opportunity to start my own venture and created The Fish House Fleetwood where we sold fish and chips for just 99p. Then as business took off, 2006 saw the opening of our sit-down restaurant and Richardson’s fish and chips has gone from strength to strength ever since.

environmental Promise

Here at The Fish House Fleetwood, we care about the environment and our impact, so we advocate for everything to be as sustainable as possible to not only benefit the planet and our sea’s fish supply, but also our business and those around us. 

• We’re the 7th business in the UK to be MSC certified.  All of our packaging is cardboard, and therefore recyclable.

• We installed censored lighting so it is only used when it’s needed. 

• Our produce is locally sourced to cut down on our food miles - our seafood is caught within a 12-mile radius, and our potatoes are picked from a farm in Pilling, just 8 miles away.

• Food waste as well as fish bones and potato peelings are sent off to an anaerobic digester to be turned into energy.

• We’ve invested in 2 delivery vans that are 100% electric - we charge the van at our recharging pod on-site in an evening when demand from the national grid is low. 

Heritage. Trust. Quality

We’re proud of our history in the fishing industry and what we have achieved with The Fish House Fleetwood, which is why our values are reflected in everything we do, from our fishing ancestors and passionate nature, to our premium quality promise and produce.

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